Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"For the collection’s diverse and candid discussion of such topics as diagnosis, education, family, community support, respite and re-learning to stand up in order to be seen, heard, respected and believed, I hereby declare this book required reading for outsider parents of all stripes, their allies, school psychologists, therapists, social workers and child advocates!"
-Jessica Mills, author, My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

"If only that lady in the grocery store and all of those other so-called parenting experts would read this book! These true-life tales by mothers and fathers raising kids with "special needs" on the outer fringes of mainstream America are by turns empowering, heartbreaking, inspiring, maddening, and even humorous. Readers will be moved by the bold honesty of these voices, and by the fierce love and determination that rings throughout. This book is a vital addition to the public discourse on disability."
-Suzanne Kamata, editor, Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs

"This book advances alternative parenting consciousness raising; and we need many more (on different separate themes within the multitude of those disenfranchised) in order to strive towards a community where no one will be left behind...About love, and difficulties; informative and supportive. Wise, non-conformist, and absolutely punk rock!"
-China Martens, author, The Future Generation: The Zine-Book for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends and Others