Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Partial List of Contributors

My Baby Rides the Short Bus will include essays from these fabulous contributors, among others:
Introduction by Lisa Carver
(and in alphabetical order)

Elizabeth Aquino (
Amy Saxon Bosworth
Kathy Briccetti (
Sabrina Chapadjiev interviewing Magdalena Bueno (
Kerry Cohen ( and
Thida Cornes (
Joe Dimino (
Chloe Eudaly (
Christy Everett (
Andrea Givens (
Ayun Halliday (
Sharis Ingram
Maria June
Ziva Mann (
Andrea McDowell (
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (,, and
Jennifer Byde Myers (
Heather Newman
Nina Packebush (
Shannon Des Roches Rosa (
Robert Rummel-Hudson (
Marcy Sheiner ( and

Stephanie Sleeper
Mitzi Waltz (
Karen Wang
Megan Raines Wingert
Andrea Winninghoff
Chrissi Witkowski (
Emily Zolten

and writing from editors Yantra Bertelli, Jennifer Silverman and Sarah Talbot
check back for updates!

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Wendy said...

A friend of mine who unschools her 4 kids, one of whom has autism, would like to speak with Heather Newman. Is there a number or email available? if so, please email me at wendy (at)