Tuesday, February 19, 2008

About the Editors

Yantra Bertelli studies Latin American History at the University of Washington. She is a parent to Caleb, an autistic and deaf thirteen year old punk and has three other children to challenge her during those rare times that Caleb sleeps. Yantra was one of the founding publishers of Rag Magazine, was a moderator for Hip Mama website, and was published in Breeder: Real Life Stories From the New Generation of Mothers and The Essential Hipmama: Writing From the Cutting Edge of Parenting, among other places. Yantra has presented on Queer Parenting, Gender in the Schools, and Educating vs. Unschooling at Mama Conferences in Portland and Minneapolis.

Jennifer Silverman is the mama of a 10 year old non-verbal son who is profoundly autistic, very oedipal, and often charming. Jennifer has most recently been published in Off Our Backs and Hip Mama, but has written for a variety of parenting publications and newspapers. She is one of the founding members of the now defunct m*a*m*a, a nyc collective of radical mothers. With m*a*m*a, she spoke about her experience raising her son while being an activist at conferences in Washington DC, Minneapolis, Providence and New York.

Sarah Talbot studies Education Leadership at Seattle University and gave birth to Caleb, who she is raising with Yantra Bertelli. Sarah has experienced the Special Education system as a parent, a teacher, and an administrator, and brings a depth of perspective about systemic issues. Sarah has been published in Breeder: Stories From a New Generation of Mothers, and Best Books For High School Students, among numerous alternative periodical publications. Sarah has lobbied with the Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition and regularly drinks coffee in cafes with her son, which many interpret as performance art.

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